Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our first 3 tiered cake!

This was our first 3-tiered cake
that turned out great regarding how nervous
we were about stacking a total of 9 cake layers!
It was for a Western themed 1st birthday.
The H's on the back pockets are the child's initials.
They used the top layer as the Smash Cake.

Pink Elephant

This little Smash Cake turned out adorable. The glittery pink and green dots and balls looked PERFECT with the Pink Elephant topper. What a cute 1st birthday!

Fall Themed 50th Birthday

A Ladybug Baby Shower

Ladybug baby shower cake that turned out so cute!

Cupcakes for the kiddo's!!

The Little Mermaid

Small cake for a Little Mermaid birthday party.

Ariel cupcakes, too!

Football Birthday cake

Zebra and Lime Green Birthday!

The Sweetest Cake

This is one of the sweetest reason to ever make a celebrate the adoption of 3 siblings. The initials on top are the first letter of each child's name.

It was a fun, colorful, last minute cake that turned out so cute. We were so happy with the end results!

AWESOME Hula Cake!!!!!

Front view of the Hula cake (before the topper was placed).

Back of the Hula cake.
We loved the way this cake turned out. Have to say though, this was one we definitely thought was going to make it!

Pink iPod Cake

For a girl who was having a skating party and liked ipods.

Pink & Black Birthday cake

Yo Gabba Gabba! Birthday

Yo Gabba Gabba sheet cake for a birthday party.

Black & White Surprise 50th Birthday Cake

Beautiful 2-tiered black & white cake for a surprise 50th birthday party.
The inside cake was also contrasting with a layer of french vanilla and a layer of chocolate separated by buttercream icing filling.

It looked gorgeous on the cake table.

Spongebob Square Pants Birthday

Spongebob turned out to be somewhat heavy, so at the last moment we used leftover cake to create a treasure chest with gold coins behind him to help support the weight.

What we consider our first 'real' masterpiece! It was for a 3-year-old birthday party.

Pirate Birthday cake for a brother & sister

The Birthday Boy's Smash cake for the pirate themed party.

The main cake for the birthday party was for the sister who
was turning 3 and the brother who was turning 1.
Yes! Those are 100% handmade fondant people.
To personalize them we matched the hair color and curls
to imitate the birthday boy and girl.

Pirate Boy Smash Cake for a 1st Birthday

Veggie Tales Birthday Cake

Veggie Tales themed 2nd Birthday party.
This is the true beginning to our cake adventures.
It was fun and took us a long, long, long time to achieve Bob's red coloring.